(Consensual) Sex, Drugs, And Rock-n-Roll

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts today (aptly named Dude That's Fucked Up), and the hosts brought up a point worth considering: perhaps the election of Donald Trump was the catalyst for women to say, "no more." Perhaps if Hillary Clinton were elected, the fire wouldn't have ignited in us. Women are … Continue reading (Consensual) Sex, Drugs, And Rock-n-Roll

Am I Overreacting?

This Harvey Weinstein situation has me in shambles. While applauding actress after singer after artist after mother after woman (and man) come forward with their own experiences with sexual assault, abuse and harassment, I'm simultaneously racing through my memories and replaying my own experiences. There are too many to count, and too many to replay … Continue reading Am I Overreacting?

Miley Cyrus’ ‘Malibu,’ Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ And Finding The Happy Medium In Pop Music

Lorde's new single "Green Light" inadvertently introduced a well-know but infrequently discussed revelation in pop music: it has its own circumstellar habitable zone. Also known as the Goldilocks Zone, the circumstellar habitable zone is that perfect range within our solar system that can support the necessary conditions for life. The earth is not too close, … Continue reading Miley Cyrus’ ‘Malibu,’ Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ And Finding The Happy Medium In Pop Music

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes was a little sanctuary-cave for me in Boston while studying at BU. Located within the Berklee bounds, the record store seemed to fit among the swarms of young musicians - and yet, it didn't. Looney Tunes was one of those record stores that used to thrive off its mere existence, when, decades ago, … Continue reading Looney Tunes


You have to wonder what it’s like for an artist who is obliged to write a new record. Inspiration is fickle; it doesn’t run on record company deadlines. When it came to tracking down that inspiration for Lights’ new album Little Machines, the musician struggled. Eventually she began writing by retracing her youth. And you … Continue reading Lights